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10 More Suggestions

7 July 2009

Posted by Jessica Roberts

Here are 10  more suggestions for people and organizations to interview for the book:


Heather B. Armstrong
Location Salt Lake City
Bio Mommyblogger, tyrant, snugglebunny
Stats  125 Following  853,381 Followers 574 Updates

Why? She’s hilarious!  After only one post, I was hooked.  She’s an author who continues her blog’s conversational tone in her Tweets.  Yes, she’s had major national exposure via her books, but it’s the honesty, humor and humility that makes for an engaging read.  Non-profits – any business – would be well suited to learn from her example


Name Etsy!
Location Everywhere
Bio The world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. Contact us:

Stats  26, 928 Following 447,624 Followers  3,240 Updats
Why?   Blend of technology and intimate, handcrafted creations is such an interesting study in modern economics.   



Name Hunger No More
Location San Luis Obispo, CA
Bio Official Twitter For Food profile. Skip a meal July 1, 2009 and use the savings to fund world hunger relief.

Stats 1,854 Following  1,428 Followers 235 Updates
Why?  This would be for a study in using a Twitter account and hashtags for a social media movement. Twitter For Food began in June when one man asked if “everyone on twitter will skip a meal and donate the money you would have spent to a hunger relief organization.” Has been picked up by hundreds of organizations, including Whole Foods who sent a request to over 800,000 followers.

Name Kashless
Location The Pacific Northwest . . . for now.
Bio We’re an eco-friendly ReCommerce co. here to help make it easier for you to find free stuff. Kashless – Set Your Stuff Free!

Stats 1,833 Following  1,550 Followers   451 Updates
Why?  Kashless is a new eco-friendly organization that uses technology to match people with free ‘stuff’ they need. The website is fantastic and Twitter play a strong role in their outreach, Great integration, strong voice, nice way to learn about free items.



Name Regional Food Bank
Location Oklahoma City, OK
Bio Hi! I’m Natalie Wright, the Development Coordinator at Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope

Stats  2,387 Following 2,273 Followers  170 Updates
Why? Largest number of followers I’ve found in the food bank arena. Also, the only food bank that identifies the author of tweets. Very conversational, many RTs; posts personal information (announced conference scholarship); mixes articles with conversations with volunteers and press announcements for the food bank. ALSO the only food bank account I’ve found that integrates other social media (Flickr in this case) into the tweets. The only posts I saw linking readers to their volunteers and the clients they serve.


Name Regional Food Bank
Location Latham, NY
Bio The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York Serves 23 counties of New York State!

Stats 167 Following 262 Followers 52 Updates
Why? “The Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York Serves 23 counties of New York State!” Great mix of conversation, request for donations, community building and acknowledgement of donors. Many posts are a call to action; curious to learn effectiveness of this campaign.

I am curious how big a following needs to be to make Twitter effective for an organization? What are goals for smaller organizations? Is effectiveness strictly correlated to number of followers?


Name HighPlains Food Bank
Location Amarillo, TX
Bio Alleviating Hunger in the Texas Panhandle

Stats 338 Following  500 Followers  50 Updates
Why?  I’m interested in this group because as an organization in the Texas Panhandle, they fall well outside “the most popular Twitter areas.” How effective is it to Twitter in a small-town, or in a less densely-populated area?

Name Guthrie Theater
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Web http://www.guthri…
Bio Call the Guthrie Box Office for more information at 612.377.2224 or 877.44.STAGE

Stats  604 Following  1,677 Followers   136 Updates
Why?  This large, mid-west theater is an artistic leader.  Can artists translate good story-telling to Twitter?

Location Austin, TX
Official user of the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Conferences and Festivals

Stats 39,169 Following  39,491 Followers   435 Updates
Why?  I was surprised that SXSW doesn’t have more followers, as they host a wildly popular tech conference each year, in addition to the music and film portion of the festival. Twitter seems like the ideal place to foster relationships and audiences from year to year.   I’d like to discuss their methods of audience development.  Are they too big to need to communicate as intimately with their audience?

Name Detroit Diaper Bank
Location Southeast Michigan
Bio The Detroit Area Diaper Bank is a SE MI 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity working to fill a hole in the safety net: diapers. WIC, Food Stamps, Medicare don’t provide.

Stats  215 Following  470 Followers  1,148Updates
 Why?  According to a news article, this is a one-woman organization relying on Twitter & Facebook to create buzz and raise awareness about the need for diapers. In just four months (April – July 1) she has already raised about 13,000 diapers for distribution within her community. Posts are interesting and conversational; a good mix of information, community conversation and awareness-raising about the importance of making diapers available to vulnerable communities. 

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