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Twitter handles: Wine industry

6 July 2009

I’ve been focusing on the wine industry this week as a possible sector to write about for the book. So far I’ve found a young-to-Twitter but robust community of wineries, wine organizations and wine enthusiasts on Twitter. Here are some notable handles that I’ve found so far:

Taste Washington is the wine-tasting arm of the Washington Wine Commission. Recently, Taste Washington used Twitter to promote and document the “Taste Washington Spokane” event.

Project Vino is an Australian wine site focused on community recommendations. TechCrunch reported on the group hosting a Twitter wine tasting back in April 2008. More at

Huge (34,222 following, 35,424 followers) congregation of winos on Twitter.

Andrew Barrow is a wine blogger out of Wallingford, UK, who has hosted wine-tasting events on Twitter.

Coworker, Canadian and former journalist based in the Northwest who is also wine blogger.

A little-known Washington winery that just began using Twitter. May provide an interesting perspective of an independent winery trying to use Twitter.

Large Washington winery that just began using Twitter. Another new-adopter perspective but from the POV of a larger winery.

This handle is actually the City of Prosser, Washington’s Chamber of Commerce, which promotes its wine economy.

An independent Napa winery that uses Twitter and has a good audience (2,001 following, 1,622 followers).

Co-Founder of the Wine social network website and based out of Montreal, Canada.

A family out of New Zealand trying to launch a wine label. Frequent Twitter users (4k+ Tweets).


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