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Movies, Process, and Brands

6 July 2009

I’d like to explore the use of Twitter in the film industry by focusing on production, communication, and reception. I believe following this chain will give an in-depth look at a wide range of Twitter applications in this category. I’ve included my ten brands/twitterers for this week below:

1. Production

Twitter use during a film’s production, either by the studios, filmmakers, or even cast/crew.

–           Directors like Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith update fans from the set of their latest films @thatkevinsmith, @robertRdz,

–           Rob Luketic even used Twitter to livestream video from the set of his movie (which starred extreme Twitterer Ashton Kutcher) @Robluketic

–           Texas Casting uses twitter to get crew members @filmcrewtexas

–           Pixar is generating buzz for Toy Story 3 through @DisneyPixar

 2.         Communication

Twitter use to promote the release of a film. This covers Twittering by movie studios, individuals, or other brands.

–           Filmmaker Michael Moore tweets about his untitled new release @mmflint

–           Sony launched a Terminator Salvation game on Twitter to promote the summer blockbuster @Resistance2018

–           Universal Pictures runs giveaways and offers exclusive clips @UniversalPics

–           Actors from movies like Twilight and Transformers are twittering  to communicate with die-hard fans @peterfacinelli, @Tyrese4ReaL

–           Studios are setting up movie-specific Twitter accounts @HarryPotterFilm

–           Hugh Jackman blogged about the press tour for Wolverine in teh weeks leading up to the film’s release@RealHughJackman

 3.         Reception

–           Review site Rotten Tomatoes is giving its recommendations @rottentomatoes

–           Audience members are live-tweeting at preview screenings, getting WOM going for movies like Star Trek.

–           Movie studios like Miramax @MiramaxFilms are following fan’s responses, including potential illegal downloads.

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