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10 More Government Agencies and Officials

6 July 2009
  1. @SenJohnMcCain – John McCain – John McCain has more followers than any other senator. He also failed to use Twitter well for his presidential campaign, so might be good to look at for how not to use Twitter. He seems to be doing better now, but still doesn’t engage in conversation like Claire McCaskill does.
  2. @JimDeMint – Jim DeMint – Jim DeMint, like Claire McCaskill, uses Twitter to have conversations with other users. He is pretty active on Twitter and has quite a few followers. He also follows far more people than other politicians. Claire McCaskill is a good example of a democrat using Twitter while Jim DeMint is a good example of a Republican using Twitter.
  3. @HouseFloor – This is simply a news feed giving updates from the House of Representatives floor. Most of the updates are updates on votes taking place. This is a nice example of government keeping citizens up-to-date on the inner workings of the house. It isn’t particularly groundbreaking since you can find this info elsewhere, but it’s nice to have the info accessible in places average citizens are more likely to look.
  4. @nancypelosi – Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, which makes her an important person. She primarily broadcasts and very rarely interacts. She does, however, use photos a lot, which makes her somewhat interesting.
  5. @barackobama – Barack Obama is important to include for obvious reasons – he is the president, is the #1 followed politician, and is ranked #7 on Twitter as a whole. His Tweets are primarily broadcasts, and he only interacts with @whitehouse, which is kind of like interacting with yourself…
  6. @homelandsecurit – Homeland Security is interesting to look at because of the amazing amount of potential they have to communicate with the public. Unfortunately, they don’t use it at all on Twitter. Their feed is primarily announcements on the threat level. I’m pretty sure it will be at orange for flights for quite some time…
  7. @GavinNewsom – Gavin Newsom is the mayor of San Fransisco. He is a good example of a mayor sucessfully using Twitter. He interacts a lot, is very active, and has a large number of followers.
  8. @Boston_Police – Boston Police is a pretty good example of a police department using Twitter. They primarily broadcast criminal incidents and don’t interact much.
  9. @ArizonaTourism – Arizona’s Tourism does a great job interacting and in very active on Twitter.
  10. @GOPLeader – John Boehner is the House Minority Leader. He is interesting because he chose to use the account name GOPLeader. What will happen when he isn’t the leader of the GOP anymore? Will someone else take over his account, or will he have to close it?

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