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Week 2 – Exploring the Twitter phenomena

30 June 2009

Agenda (6.15 start)

  • Housekeeping
  • Guest Speaker: Joy G. Fulton, Regional Executive Web Editor, U.S. General Services Administration, @joyrenee
  • Article Recap: Priti and Rubi
  • Customizing your Twitter presence (personal branding)
  • Planning our book
  • Note: Paolo is out-of-town tonight

(1) Housekeeping:

  • Feedback on group blog; discuss categories (“class notes” is pretty much reserved for me)
  • Demo “more” tag – pitch ScribeFire
  • Please make sure your blog and twitter accounts are linked on the student page
  • Our twitter stream: twub (#uwtwtrbook), FeedStich, FeedRaider
  • Last class : shall we do it as a TweetUp?

(2) Guest Speaker Joy G. Fulton

Regional Executive Web Editor, U.S. General Services Administration, @joyrenee, on how the federal government is incorporating social media strategies, working as a change agent inside a large institution, and the best government Twitter sites!

(3) Article recap (short discussion)

  1. Priti:Huberman, B.A., Romero, D.M., Wu, F. (2009, January 5). Social Networks That Matter: Twitter under the microscope. FirstMonday.
  2. Rubi:Kleinberg, J. (November 2008). The convergence of social and technological networks. Communications of the ACM, 51:11, 66-72. DOI=

(4) Customizing your Twitter presence (personal or organizational branding)

(5) Planning our book

Current thinking:

  1. We develop six-eight best practices, collaboratively. Kathy leads the writing of a chapter on each best practice, with students providing examples.
  2. Each student writes a chapter on an industry sector [travel, wine, nonprofit, etc]. We will develop chapter structure collaboratively, but it will probably include (a) why this sector, (b) how the sector has historically used communication technologies, (c) good and not-so-good examples of Twitter use, weaving the best practices into the narrative. Each chapter will have at least one (maybe two) indepth interviews – we will develop those questions collaboratively as well. Chapters may be broken into communication types (media, marketing, crisis, organizational)
  3. Appendices: glossary, selected tools, resources, list of organizations mentioned w/twitter account(s)
  4. Writing buddies — I will pair you to read/review/make suggestions for one another


  1. Summary, your Cluetrain theses posts
  2. Small group discussion –  start developing ideas for best practices and questions that we will ask of all featured organizations
  3. Thought: if we could conduct interviews via Skype or in person (rather than by email), then we could put the full interviews on the website
  4. The Google Data Form (review – did I miss a category? – then practice by starting to input your 10 orgs from this week)

(6) Assignments:

(a) This week:

  • Reading posts completed this week (these are posted to your blog – they are “individual” rather than shared resources) Filiz, Paolo (needs to live on your blog)
  • Twitter posts – have not yet “counted”

(b) For next week

  • Article synopsis: Corey, Filiz, Margery, Paolo
  • Everyone (by noon Monday, please): Find 10 more “brands” that deserve our consideration (blog on course site with *why* not just their IDs – and add these to the Google speadsheet using the form)
  • Revise/expand your ideas on book and your role/responsibilities (your blog, by noon Monday, please)
  • Reminder: two reading reflections are due this quarter — there are only three more weeks of reading!

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  1. jonhickey permalink
    30 June 2009 9:33 pm

    -Why did you join Twitter?
    -What types of Tweets do you usually write?
    -How often do you Tweet?
    -What types of Tweets do you respond to?
    -How do you measure how effective your Tweets are?
    -How did you hear about Twitter?
    -How many followers do you have?
    -How did you pick the person in charge of your Twitter account?
    -How do you seek out followers?
    -How many people do you follow?
    -How do you decide who to follow?
    -Do you always follow back people that follow you?
    -Do you use any Twitter applications?
    -Do you use any other social media such as facebook?
    -Do you track any metrics?
    -How often do you use hashtags?
    -Who do you see as role models in the Twitter community?
    -Was there any resistance to your organization starting a Twitter account?
    -If your organization is on multiple social media sites, which one came first?
    -Do you see Twitter as a long term tool or something that will fade away in the near future?
    -Do you link from your website to your Twitter account?
    -Do you ever access Twitter through a mobile device?
    -Do you have a defined strategy for Twitter? Is Twitter considered part of your communications strategy?
    -What is something you wish you knew before you started on Twitter?
    -Have you made any mistakes on Twitter? If so, how did you correct or address it?
    -What is your company policy for employees? How do you control your brand?

  2. filizefe permalink
    30 June 2009 9:43 pm

    interview questions from Anita, Margery & Filiz:
    1. What is your objective for using Twitter?
    2. How do you choose who you follow?
    3. How do you describe your Twitter voice?
    4. How do you integrate Twitter within your overall marketing strategy?
    5. What other tools are you utilizing in this social space?
    6. How do you create content
    7. If and how do you carry over your brand values on Twitter?

  3. thefullreport permalink
    30 June 2009 9:46 pm

    Posted by JRoberts

    Suggestions for Interview Questions:

    * What prompted you to begin Twittering?
    * What were the original goals? Have the goals changed?
    * Who writes the posts? Do the ID themselves? (Why/why not?)
    * Do you monitor Twitter for your brand?
    * What is the use of the posts?
    * Do you look at Metrics (Why & why not?) How do you decide which metrics to follow?
    * Who do you follow and how do you make that decision?
    * Non-Profit: How do you balance mission-focused tweets vs. a more casual ‘conversation’ with your constituents?
    * Do you use advertising on Twitter?
    * How many posts a day are appropriate
    * RESOURCES: Did you hire someone to specifically Twitter?
    * How much time is allocated for posting?
    * Is post content planned in advance? Is there a plan for post frequency?
    * Have you found a ‘generation gap’? How do you manage your voice?
    * What safety concerns have you had? If any, how have they been resolved?
    * What are the successes you’ve found in fundraising?
    * Do you target a specific demographic, within &/or beyond your industry?
    * How does Twitter fit into your traditional outreach plan?
    * What are the succeses you’ve had with event planning & outreach — has event attendance increased?
    * Do you use additonal programs (APIs) TwitPic, TweetDeck etc…
    * What link shortner do you use?
    * How do you measure success? How do you rate your success so far?
    * How do you integrate Twitter into your existing marketing?

  4. pmottola permalink
    2 July 2009 11:50 am

    Um, Kathy, did you mention WINE as a potential subject? If no one is writing that one, I’d gladly take! I’m also considering professional sports as a topic.


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