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Thoughts on Process

29 June 2009

So far I’ve noticed there are other companies/organizations retweeting and engaging in the conversation about the book.  For example, PCC just put out a Tweet:

Hi Rubi (@rubiromero) We need to look into your suggestion! Thanks, -Ricardo #uwtwtrbook

I think we have a great opportunity to really engage with the companies and organizations we are writing about.  In fact, they might be able to provide us helpful insights and research.

For me, personally, I would like to study the use of Twitter by government agencies and officials.  I haven’t decided if including both agencies and officials is too broad or not.  I might want to focus on either one or the other.

From my research so far, I’ve noticed most government agencies tend to broadcast on Twitter more than engage and interact.  This is understandable, since government agencies have to be more careful about their message since they are tied to voters.  They are under a much finer microscope than most private companies.  It might be interesting to look at agencies that do engage more and those that don’t and find out if the agencies that do engage more have set standards to help make sure they don’t do anything too controversial.  The same basic principle could be applied to elected offcials.

As far as the process goes for writing, I would prefer to write the chapter by myself, since I’m not quite as comfortable writing in a group.


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