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The Cluetrain Manifesto

29 June 2009

Cluetrain Manifesto:

I think that some of the theses that directly relate to our class are:

9- These networked conversations are enabling powerful new forms of social organization and knowledge exchange to emerge. Some examples are in social mobilizing and organizing. They have discovered in Twitter a very important tool to accomplish that like in the case of Iran elections or Honduras military taking the president out.

12-There are no secrets. The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products. One good example of this is the Comcast case in which one customer complained about the service in Twitter, in this case Comcast listen and was able to resolve the problem.

17- Companies that assume online markets are the same markets that used to watch their ads on television are kidding themselves. Many companies keep refusing to incorporate Twitter into their business models, because they think that the market has not evolve with technology in this case with Twitter.

72- We like this new marketplace much better. In fact, we are creating it. Twitter was created with one purpose and then the audience found other purposes for it, that’s what companies don’t get.

90- Even at its worst, our newfound conversation is more interesting than most trade shows, more entertaining than any TV sitcom, and certainly more true-to-life than the corporate web sites we’ve been seeing. This is very true for Twitter, many of the most recent news are found in Twitter first. People are tweeting the truth, they don’t have any agendas and they talk as human beings.


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