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My Thoughts on the Book Content

29 June 2009

1) The Process: I would like to do a research on how Latino-America is using Twitter. This will consist of 3 parts:

1. Media (The news papers, Radio, Television)
2. Marketing purposes/sales
3. Grassroots and organizing

– # of people using Twitter in Latin-America
-Main medium of using Twitter (computer or mobile)
– Why the decision to incorporate Twitter
– What has worked
– What has not worked
– What can be improved in the business and in Twitter
– What approach was taken
– Results after implementing Twitter

I am open to work on a group, I think that a complete chapter on the Latino-American market can be time consuming and a lot of work. Perhaps I can focus on countries with strong economy like Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina??

Another idea is to do a chapter on how Latinos use Twitter in the US and outside the US. But that will be even more work.

The reason why I would like to do this chapter, is because as the Latino-American market continues to grow, the opportunities for business will grow as well and sometimes companies fail to enter the Latino-American market because of their lack of cultural competence.


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