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Ideas for organizations to feature

29 June 2009
Posted by: JRoberts
This week has been my first in-depth review of organizations on Twitter.  Here are organizations from several areas I think would be helpful to interview for the book:
National/International Organizations
For many organizations, in-person social outreach is high, including street-campaigns.  I am interested in how online efforts have supported or replaced their traditional grassroots efforts of many of the largest, most visible organizations with earnest missions.
Greenpeace 10,299 followers.
ACLU 5,392 Followers for national organization.  By state varies.
Human Rights Campaign 3,390 Followers.  By state varies.
Amnesty International 4,701 followers
Iconic Cultural Institutions
Large cultural institutions typically have amazing outreach through programming.  How have they used Twitter to communicate with their audiences?
WNYC “The largest public radio station in the US”  6,287 Followers
Metropolitain Museum One of the largest museums in the country and considered to be very conservative.  How is Twitter fitting into their outreach and communication plan? 6,180 Followers
The Women’s Museum Women’s organizations can find it challenging to ‘talk’ to both sides of the generation gap.  How  has the Women’s Museum managed their voice?  8,831 Followers
MOMA — 29,489 Followers.
Brooklyn Museum —  Highest replies and retweets of MOMA.  One of the “oldest and largest museums in the country” but are committed to being multi-cultural, youthful and cutting edge.  Curious how they have managed the transitions into digital media. 23,915 Followers,
The Whitney Museum
Small- to Mid-sized Membership Organizations (beginning list)
Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Washington Bus 504 Followers

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