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10 brands/organizations we should feature

29 June 2009

Because its still my first week on Twitter I must say its quite hard to narrow things down…

I looked at several sites including, WeFollow, and TwitterHolic along with spending a few hours just looking around.

Best TV show – The Office: Always has done a good job of social networking. These guys know how to promote a show!

Best Grocery Store – Whole Foods: Almost 1 million followers- Are you kidding? Gotta love a story with your food!

Best Clothing Company – Volcom: For some reason very few companies that make skate/surf clothing have a Twitter presence. Also love the freebies.

Best News Outlet –NY Times: Not a big CNN fan and NY Times posts seem to be better worded.

Best Government Agency –  Mars Phoenix: Gotta love real-time updates about the Mars Rover!

Best Local Business – BlueMoonBurger: Free food/specials and updates about what is going on in Fremont. They also follow everyone who is following them.

Best Large Business – Google: Provides an interesting way of looking at what people are searching for.

Best start-up company – Educast Media: This guys posts from his basement and is trying to get a company off the groud again that went bankrupt a year ago. For one person he gets a lot done!

Best Car Company – Toyota: Didn’t find many other foreign car companies with a Twitter presence…

Person who has utilized Twitter the most – President Obama: Hard to argue with @ 1.5 million followers!


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