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UWTwtrBook: Topics, process and next steps

28 June 2009

#UWTwtrBook Topics

Based on conversations with folks as well as personal interests, here are a few (very preliminary) ideas I’m interested in exploring for the Twitter book:

  • How are non profits and faith based orgs using Twitter to reach a.) audiences who they would like to support their mission/goals b.) people who were once connected with these groups, c.) maintain connections with individuals and groups already active with these orgs.
  • How are groups who have historically been on the limited-access side of the digital divide (Digital, Digital Divide Network, Edutopia, Bill Moyer’s: The New Digital Divide) are able to find new ways to engage in conversations that they haven’t been able to because of lack of or limited access? What are some issues or strategies related to mobilization and activism that can be offered as best practices? Also related to this: how are minority communities engaging through these media? Perhaps a short chapter on history or history of movements within particular groups?
  • What are ways teachers, administrators or those working in K-12 and higher education can use Twitter to engage staff, students and faculty in deeper relationships and concerns for issues at hand?     (i.e. 25 Ways to Teach w/ Twitter)

Process & Next Steps

  • Create a poll/survey on Catalyst or other site that allows us to list topics of interest (including some justification), then perhaps cast a vote? Maybe allow for some class time for those interested in pitching their ideas.
  • After topics/chapters are generated, divide into workgroups based on interest.

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