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Twitter Handles

28 June 2009

In an effort to come up with 10+ Twitter handles that I thought worthy of mentioning in our Twitter book, I visited TrackingTwitter & WeFollow. These tools helped me to determine which brands 1) had a presence on Twitter in various categories and 2) had a decent reach, as determined by the number of followers*.

Below I have listed (in no particular order) a number of handles in the travel/tourism sector that are using Twitter in a variety ways – from sharing stories, news, and happenings to providing customer service, promotional discounts, and original content:

  • @traveloregon
  • @tripadvisor
  • @carnivalcruise
  • @mgmgrand
  • @hotel_max
  • @marriottintl
  • @connectbyhertz
  • @brilliantips
  • @travelchannel
  • @trazzler
  • @luxorLV
  • @lonelyplanet
  • @jetblue
  • @southwestair
  • @alaskaair

In addition, I found the article,“Why 32 Top Travel Brands Like Twitter“, to be a helpful filter to find travel brands on Twitter. It not only lists some of the handles I mentioned above, but it also offers their 140 character reason for tweeting.

*Note: I don’t believe follower count to be the best metric for determining a brand’s sphere of influence on Twitter, but because that is the variable used to rank their handles in directories, it is an efficient filtering mechanism.


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