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Week 1 – Introductions

23 June 2009


  1. Who are we and why are we here?
  2. Why Twitter?
  3. What constitutes best practices in digital (or non-digital) communication?
  4. Logistics (personal blogs, Twitter accounts, becoming member of this blog, wiki or blog for authoring)
  5. Mondays or Tuesdays – no change

(1) Who are we and why are we here?

  • Introductions; overview from pre-class survey.
  • Syllabus review
  • ID deliverable decision points.
    (a) What should be our Twitter involvement – #BOTwitter, posting links ?
    (b) Think about writing solo/co-authored chapters
    (c) How to best ID candidate orgs to feature
    (d) Set first concept deadline (next week?)
  • Thoughts on guest speakers
  • Pick an article to read/summarize/post to this blog and orally summarize in class

(2) Why Twitter?

  • Time article
  • Iran
  • DellOutlet
  • Network theory
  • Infrastructure, tool or community?

(3) Best Practices / Lessons Learned

  • We will need to develop our own metrics
  • Forrester on web and brands

(4) Logistics

  • Sign up for an article to read/summarize/post to this blog (second half of schedule page)
  • Add everyone to this blog (need your WordPress email addy)
  • Create WordPress account if you don’t have one (at close of class)
  • Wiki (like WetPaint) or this blog for drafts, collaboration (Or both?)
  • Knowledge management in practice: how to best capture our links, ideas? Delicious? Database/spreadsheet? Annotated sources on blog page?
  • Class Twitter Group: Private: ask to follow com597, I’ll approve. To send a Tweet to everyone: d com597 … everyone who follows the account will receive a DM. This is a trial/test; I’ve not used this service.

For Next Week (by noon Monday)

  • Reading Post: recommend everyone read/synthesize/post (this would be one of two required reading posts)
  • Post on Process: your thoughts on what the book/writing/reporting should encompass, how you would prefer to proceed; ideas on what you might research/write about
  • Tweets about the class/project – what should we use for hashtag?
  • Find 10 brands/organizations that you think should be featured; tell us why and how you found them. Post on this blog and where-ever-else we decide!
  • Revisit Cluetrain 95 Theses. Which 5-6 do you feel relate to our class project? Why? Post to this site. [After I add you to this site as an author, it will appear in your WP Dashboard.]
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  1. 23 June 2009 9:11 pm

    (1) Hashtag options:

    (2) Twitter involvement:
    * 10 tweets/week – 5 info, 5 replies
    * virtual class (Tuesdays)
    * follow one another, one kathy, com597 (the one that lets us DM everyone)
    * be sure to @ the people we tweet about

    TIP: .@twitterid …. will go to all of your followers

    (3) Information/Data/Knowledge management
    Blog (short posts) Twitter tips, book ideas, organizations to possibly profile (good or bad) … to this site. Then tweet your blog post w/our hashtag.

    We will revisit this workflow in 2 weeks to see if it’s working.

    (4) Advantages and disadvantages of working solo v team.

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