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4 May 2009

COM597 (Special Topics – 5 credits)
Beyond The Fail-Whale: How Twitter Is Changing Organizational Communication
Tuesdays 6-10, CMU302; class size limited
University of Washington, MCDM Program
Kathy E. Gill

In this intensive seminar, students will use their research skills to position the Twitter phenomena in the context of prior organizational communication methods. Each student will select an industry or organizational sector and identify by whom, how and why Twitter is being used as the class then identifies best practices (as well as pitfalls and pratfalls).

As used in this class, “organizational communication” is a broad topic that extends beyond traditional “internal communication” study: students could focus on employee communication, vendor communication, media relations, support, PR, or sales, for example.

Students will summarize their work in a manner suitable for a book chapter. The final deliverable for the course as a whole is, therefore, a book; it may be published as an ebook (Lulu or Kindle) or traditional book; proceeds to go to MCDM but students receive book chapter authorship credentials.

Best for students who are comfortable writing and interviewing others. Possible opportunity for fall quarter directed research for student editor!

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